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About BEST

Board of European Students of Technology

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a non-profit and volunteering European organisation for students of technology. Since 1989, we have been creating a growing, dynamic, innovative and well-organised network of students, which provides complementary education for students by encouraging communication, cooperation and exchange of students in the exclusive technical universities and faculties. Our priority is to offer high-quality services to technical students from all over Europe.

About BEST Porto

Local BEST Group Porto

Founded in 1998, BEST Porto is based in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, but also has representation in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. BEST Porto has about 80 active members and organises local and international events, reaching about 10.000 students.

About The Course

This BEST course is a focused 10-day program aimed at equipping participants with advanced engineering insights into winemaking. The course emphasizes precision agriculture, fermentation engineering, and materials science in barrel aging, providing a holistic understanding of the technical complexities involved.

What to know before applying

  • Who can apply?
    • This course is intended for higher education students from courses related to technology (Engineering or Sciences), interested in gaining fundamental knowledge about the production of wine.
  • What are the selection criteria?
    • The participants will be selected through a motivational letter, in which they show certain information about themselves (such as originality, interest in the topic given and disposition to have fun and meet new people) and also through answering some questions in their motivational letter.
  • How much is the fee to attend?
    • The participants will have to pay a fee with a maximum value of 80,00€.
  • What does this fee cover during the course?
    • Accomodation, transportation and meals (three meals per day, at least one of them hot) throughout the entire course.
  • What isn’t covered by the fee?
    • The arrival and departure costs are the participant’s responsibility.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant city of Porto, known as the ‘Cidade Invicta’ for its resilient history. Experience its rich culture while tasting the unique Port wine. Seize the opportunity to discover the iconic charm of its traditional houses, with their colorful facades and get lost in their beauty.
Porto never fails to enchant every visitor, and this course promises to reveal its authentic charm to you!

Schedule & Survival Guide

Get to know the schedule and the activities we have ready for you in this course.

Don’t get lost in Porto! Take a peek at our survival guide.

Meet the Core Team!

Mariana Almeida

Main Organiser

Diogo Sousa


Rita Silva

Pax Responsible

Margarida Martins

Marketing Responsible

Joana Monteiro

Corporate Relations Responsible

Academic Responsible - Carlos Pouzada

Carlos Pouzada

Academic Responsible

João Gomes

Food Responsible

David Gonçalves

Social Responsible

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Main Organiser

Mariana Almeida

Pax Responsible

Rita Silva

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